segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

Je t'aime

Even tired, I sit here
and think of you 'til I get a smile or a tear.
How good was to have you near!
You know? I still imagine you'll appear,
sit and say something in my ear.
Anything. I just want your voice hear.
Say it loud and clear.

I'll always be a volunteer
to preserve you and every souvenir.
Maybe that makes me our engineer.
I hope to have a long career.

Let's go to every frontier
and have fun until I disappear.

Never give up on me, I love you,
even if I got mad, I love you,
and if I got amnesia, I love you.
Never leave me alone, I love you,
never throw me away, I love you
don't do this to me, I love you.
Yes I'm very strange, I love you,
every time I see you, I love you,
even when asleep, I love you.
If you see me dead, I love you

I just cant know how much I need you

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