domingo, 11 de março de 2012

Always together

This time I'll be strong,
the strongest person.
I like to walk for a time long,
alone, without any reason,
alone, but not in a prison.

I always bring some kind of instrument with me,
I need to play the sad, not the bad,
I'm alone, dying, but happy,
don't say I'm strange,
I've made my presentation already.

The worst
is that the rope will burst,
I'll fall, right?
To right or left side?
To the front would be better,
well, doesn't matter.

The best winner
is the one who think that never wins.
One day this will be better,
one day I'll not love these things.

I hope you love me like I do.

I hope the rope.

I will stop waiting.

But not now.

Music is near me forever,
on the house, on the car.

Don't say that love is very far,
because music and love are always together.

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